Jun 172014

Spearfish Canyon is noted for it’s beautiful display of Fall colors.

A startling canvas of yellows, oranges, greens and browns comes to mind when one thinks about Spearfish Canyon.  Although the canyon is synonymous with Fall colors, you’ must see Spearfish Canyon while she is alive in shades of green.

Spring came a bit late this year. We welcome the explosion of green!  My wife, Linda and I took a drive to Spearfish Canyon this past Sunday. It takes about an hour from our home that’s also located in the Black Hills. We’re blessed to have a path from our front door to all of the Black Hills without traversing the prairie-like Interstate Highway.

On our way, we drove past Sheridan Lake, Pactola Lake, through Lead, Central City, Historic Deadwood, and Spearfish. We entered the canyon at the North end near the town of Spearfish.

We hadn’t traveled far and I thought I recognized one of our photo spots from 2006. In 2006, we shot well over 1,000 photographs of Spearfish Canyon dressed in her Fall splendor. It turns out that we stopped at the wrong spot, but we did get some awesome Spring-time shots. We did find that special spot further down the road which is past Bridal Veil Falls (see image).

We made a couple of hundred photographs at our first stop and at Bridal Veil Falls. We were eager to get to the Rough Lock Falls Area, so we made our way further South through the canyon. We stopped at Spearfish Canyon Lodge, had dinner at the Latchstring Inn and spent the night at the lodge.  We recommend both!

We’re going back soon to that special spot in Spearfish Canyon soon and will post a few of the images here, with complete sets at Rushmore PhotographyFacebook, and Photoshelter. Neptune’s Window, Leaves on Water, Above & Below, are among the 2006 photos from our “hidden, secret spot”  in the canyon. Our Roughlock Falls shot is from 2010. We hope you enjoy the photos and we encourage you to get out and enjoy these beautiful Black Hills!

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