Apr 152014

Blood moon at lunar eclipse totality

Rushmore Photography shared these photos of this mornings eclipse. Fortunately there were no clouds, just a little haze. We’ve seen a lot of photos of the eclipse, and heard a lot of talk of the ‘blood moon’. It was a spectacular site and we thank the photographers for submitting these photos. The weather was quite a bit warmer than the last time they shot a lunar eclipse. “We didn’t wait for the ‘unveiling’, as our feet were getting very cold. When we finished our shoot, we came in and covered our tootsies with a heating pad.”

Phot of April 15, 2104 Lunar Eclipse first phase


“We shot close to three hundred pictures during the first half to totality and are working on building a time lapse.”

Photo of blood moon during total lunar eclipse as viewed from Black Hills, SD

“Not quite blood moon in this shot, but we still have a couple of hundred shots to look at. We might find a better  one.”

Photo of blood moon shot by Rushmore Photography in the Black Hills Area.

“We feel this is orange blood. We’ve seen blood moon during forest fires!”

Photo of double moons in totality during April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse.

“We call this one the ‘Odd Balls’.

We hope you have enjoyed the blood, or should we say orange moon photos by Rushmore Photography of the Black Hills.

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